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I’ve discovered that when some former friend who blocked me sends a message and I go through the trouble of composing and sending a reply it then tells me I’m blocked !!

Why is it possible for someone I cannot reply to to send me messages?

If I’m unwittingly trying to message someone who blocked me why does it let me compose a message that is impossible to send??

It sure would be nice if this bad code could somehow be fixed.. By maybe disabling the editor if I select the name of someone who has blocked me.
Perhaps the action of selecting recipient could check for me being on their blocked list and not let me type in editor or show a message to this effect or not let me select someone who has blocked.

I haven’t tested what happens if I try to message several people some blocking and some not.

Disclaimer: I have no idea how websites work on the inside  from my perspective they are pure magic   :D

The FPC/Lazarus project are only users of the forum software, not its developers.

The software used is from

Already discussed on their forum there:

BTW. The software here is also a very old version of SMF.

Thanks for replies I guess they never fixed the software?
The only workaround is sending test message first ..


--- Quote from: rvk on April 28, 2023, 01:45:47 pm ---BTW. The software here is also a very old version of SMF.

--- End quote ---

It's old, but not very old....  SMF 2.1 is released about a year ago, but since we also use the TinyPortal mod I needed to wait till a compatible version was released.

Which reminds me that I should upgrade one day


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