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--- Quote from: tetrastes on April 25, 2023, 10:06:02 pm ---I used it, because it gave some sort of multitasking, but I didn't ever suspect that it was somewhat of development environment.

--- End quote ---

A vast number of those went to developers so that they could e.g. run a compiler in its own window, until two things happened:

a) One of Quarterdeck's backup tapes vanished.

b) Microsoft brought out Windows-386.

I make no claim that those two events were related.

I'm afraid that I no longer have documentation or software catalogues etc., and my journalist friend- an occasional member of this forum- is hospitalised and in need of our well-wishes (a few decades ago I'd have unashamedly said "prayers").

There was a handful of companion toolkits, to present various types of pop-up information with a "look and feel" similar to the Desqview windows. I suspect that in practice these were TSRs, but possibly with privileged hooks into the memory manager to pick up hotkeys and/or background events. However the thing that sticks in my mind was the attempt at orthogonality in the APIs: somebody had tackled that with what can only be described as obsessive resolve.

The company with which I was associated /tried/ to build a business system using the underlying technology and primitive (NetBIOS over yellow-wire Ethernet) networking, but failed dismally because of what were basically "people problems": a Byte-reading MD to whom the idea of writing a specification was anathema, and his drinking buddies all pulling in their own directions.


Ok, fv-dialogs.exe starts dialog designer if my autoexec.txt consists of just these 2 lines:

--- Quote ---DLGDSN.EXE
--- End quote ---
Directory can be moved out of root.


--- Quote from: avra on April 26, 2023, 12:57:59 am ---Ok, fv-dialogs.exe starts dialog designer if my autoexec.txt consists of just these 2 lines:

--- Quote ---DLGDSN.EXE
--- End quote ---
Directory can be moved out of root.

--- End quote ---

Ok.  Great it works now for you  :).  I don't know why my setup doesn't work on your computer. 

* Maybe its the line in autoexec.txt: USE C: C:\
This USE command makes the whole C drive visible in VDOS.  Without this line, you only see the directory where VDOS is installed...
* It is also possible that the shortpath cd \dialde~1 doesn't exist in your system or has another name like: cd \dialde~2. In this case DLGDSN.EXE was not found on your system.
Maybe also interesting: This version of VDOS is also compatible with DWPL/WDOSX (  So you can run 32-bit protected DOS applications under Win64, with a Turbo Vision look, created with the CLX library in Delphi. 

It installs in Linux with Wine and can be run with DOSBox.

Launch the installation with :
wine setup_fv_dialedit.exe

Then start DOSBox with dosbox command (if is already installed on your linux distro).

Inside DOSBox console, type the following command (from the start, you are in Z: drive):
mount c ~/.wine/drive_c

Then, the following two commands
cd dialde~1

Now you can launch the designer:

If the window is too small for your eyes, you can enter (and exit) full screen with the following combination of keys:


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