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AnchorDocking now looks very wierd.

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Good day, I just updated by now to current Lazarus Trunk that included AnchorDocking (and also metadarkstyle is installed)
I do not even know how to describe, just look in attachment.
What causes that?

Lazarus 2.3.0 (rev a82f0d4e39) FPC 3.2.2 x86_64-win64-win32/win64

After I uninstalled the metadarkstyle it looked "normal"

And installed metadarkstyle back in, again looking normal

Conclusion, something wrong is happening when you use FpcUpdeluxe with an installed metadarkstyle.

After closing Lazarus and re-opening that strange looking header do re-appear.

ATM I am not sure if it is caused by metadarkstyle or by the latest trunk of Lazarus.
Before I've updated to latest trunk it was running okay  ;)

I can live with it since I prefer a dark energy saving look even when strange docking-titlebar's appear :D


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