Author Topic: No more IRC topics - please  (Read 9022 times)


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No more IRC topics - please
« on: April 19, 2023, 08:17:30 pm »
After thorough review the moderators have decided to
ban any IRC related topics (and posts) from the forum.

  • Those topics and post have become a repetition of of the same content over and over.
  • At this stage, the distracting impact on other forum users has surpassed any benefits.
  • The forum moderators are not active on IRC. New posts on the forum will not change anything.

Please do not make any topics, posts or replies that are about
- general info about trolls/spam/etc (if it pertains to the forum, use "report to moderator" to inform moderators)

If anyone else does post anything falling into the above:
- Do not reply.  Do not even reply to tell them that they should not.
- Report to moderation.

If you have questions on the above, contact moderators directly.


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