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pl_win_dspack: SampleGrabber not working



I tried to compile SampleGrabber from pl_win_dspack on Win64

The video play fine, but the Snapshot does nothing.

The Snapshot works when I change the TVideoWindow to vmVMR mode, but the program crashes on exit.

Any Idea?

Thank you.

I have found out that dspack already exists as native Lazarus component, so I will probably kick it out of the next ct4laz release.

Anyway, you can try to uninstall pl_win_dspack and install original version from

If problem does not go away, I suggest you to open a bug report in original repo.

I have concated the versions of
Clootie -> MS DirectX 9.0 SDK =
The BlachSheep -> DSPack - Lazarus version of the progdigy DSPack DirectShow Multimedia components =
Mike.Cornflake -> lazarusvideoutilities =

Original it was from clootie the and prodigy. But i found some patches, extensions and put all together in the repos. There is a branch called WIP_Andi there is some doku in TEX format colleted about the DirectShow. Because i will never use pl_* Packages.

--- Quote ---The video play fine, but the Snapshot does nothing.
--- End quote ---
For this a sample is needed, because i work with snapshots often and see only a problem if the camera/source change the format of the datastream. And such a format change must be handled correct.

Thank you very much.

I've found an alternative solution by copying the TVideoWindows canvas to a TBitmap an then save the TBitmap to a file.



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