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Looking for a job 2023


Hi there

I am Asley Cruz, living in USA, and I am looking for a full time/half time remote job.
Sometimes I tried to work as a freelancer, but is something difficult for now.
Spanish is my first language, english just a little.

Some skills, not a big expert, but with knowledge in:
- Lazarus (Delphi a little)
- Lazarus and databases (SQLite)
- Specialist in UI application

Please, send me a inbox to contact me.
Thanks in advance. Regards!


(So sorry, I don't know if is allowed to put these links, if not let me know)

Some screenshots made by myself in Lazarus (they are not available for download):

File finder:

Icon Center:

Simple Image Editor (similar to MSPaint):

Impro (with SQLite):

M. Painting (with SQLite):

Simple screen capture:

Your program.exe is too frontpage, maybe you need one artist - man.

I think the user interfaces look nice. No "artist" needed.

Agree with wp, its a fine interface.


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