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[Solved] Laz_Synapse Compilation Error in Android Project!


Hi All,
I wanted to use Synapse in my Android project. The application, which runs smoothly on the computer at my workplace (Win10 64 Enterprise 2.2.4), causes problems on the computer at home (Win 10 Home 2.2.4 and 2.2.6 Zero installations). Attached is a picture of the error.
Does this package have anything to do with the operating system other than Lazarus?
I would be grateful if anyone has any experience with the subject and shares it.


--- Quote ---synaser.pas   2023-03-22    geby   [r268] Request #28 - fix for Flush on FPC-Android
--- End quote ---

tetrastes brother, I cannot thank you enough. You saved me a lot of trouble. Thank you very much.


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