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Looking for example code for TCP/IP on a Raspberry PICO W


New topic:

Does anybody have example code to TCP/IP on a Raspberry PICO W

in Freepascal ?

That would be a great help!

Greets, Wouter van Wegen


broad unspecified question, broad unspecified answer:

Realize that using the catch phrase "tcp/ip" can mean about a million different things.

If you want specific examples then you can start start looking at the examples provided with fcl-net, or in case you prefer to use another framework then look for examples in the corresponding package/documentation (*).

edit: (*) let's start at the beginning: are the lwip headers translated to Pascal ?

Are you sure it is for the embedded ARM pico W ? Or is this for linux on a RPI?

My first reaction was based on Linux, the second (lwip) seems to be the 'natural' ip stack that is used on a pico (but please correct me if wrong).

However, the basic principles are similar no matter what stack you use. The pico SDK show some lwip examples that look a bit rudimentary in comparison to a full blown tcp/ip stack (and in comparison with headers such as fcl-net) but it seems do-able to me (not to mention that you could opt for adding lwip support to fcl-net units, or any other framework for that matter).


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