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Debugging a large application on Raspberry PICO

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Does anybody knows how to load a UF2 program on the RPI PICO without unplugging the IDE cable and also not use the BOOTSEL button?

My FPC compiler for ARM EMBEDDED got to work. Greets, Wouter

PS: On ubuntu also fine.

Does anybody know weither the BOOTSEL button action can be cancelled ?

bad luck: I still need to press the button.

Does anybody how go get rid of this: / maybe a programmer from Windows?

Just to load my Freepascal UF2 file on my Raspberry PICO with WIFI, without unplugging the USB cable and without the BOOTSEL button.

Or is that just not possible.?

Or is it OCD "On Chip Debugger"  ???

Use a PicoProbe.


Is there another-one?

So i can try 2 versions at the same time, working on UBUNTU22


Another what? What do you mean?



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