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There was a discussion about which icon should be the new Lazarus icon. As there was disagreement as to the decision, we decided to start a poll about it and extend the discussion to the community.

The icons can be seen here:

If there are other proposed icons we can add them too. The two component icons are very similar, so if both summed together have a majority we can assume that most people want one of the two component icons.

With regards to the orange windows version:

The outer border needs to be darker. (At the moment it gives the visual impression that the orange version has less of a border than the blue.
This may however be a contrast issue with the color of the windows-task-bar. Making it darker may look worse on a darker (grey-black) task bar)
So instead of making it darker, it may need a 3d bevel like border. (current outer border darker, plus newly added even further outer border of lighter color (to ensure contrast))

Also the (black) lines making the face on the orange icon are to dark.  (The black-orange contrast is visually more prevalent, than the black-blue contrast)

The blue version doesn't look nice on a traditional (grey) taskbar. Both the blue and orange version look somewhat unspecific.

I'd suggest the cheetah icon in multiple resolutions, so that even the 16x16 pixel version is outstanding and expressive. The preview should be updated accordingly, so that the current poor look of the 16x16 pixel version isn't misleading the voters.


Sorry to say, but kind of childish icons and look terrible (even the cheetah i voted).

Please go back to the "old" icons

I agree, the old were much better.

The first and second in the poll look like amoebae.
And the cheetah seems to stick its tongue out at us.


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