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Writing Applications to access and control PTZ Cameras on a Local network

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MarkMLI, You are probably right about the PTZ meaning the camera to be a Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera. My wife's brother-n-law installs these cameras all the time but he always installs the app and lets his customers worry about the cloud access. Personally I don't like sending anything to the cloud; (just don't trust it), and these cameras are the first of anything sent to the cloud from any of my computers. I'll have to look at the setting in the app on my phone for additional info about the camera. I do know it has a model number but I don't remember seeing a brand name. The box the camera came in just says "Smart Battery PTZ Camera" nothing else, but it did come from Amazon and that's typical for Amazon to not show brand names. I do have some white papers on the PTZ camera I'm trying to get but they're giving me a hassle about my email address not being a business address although it has been for at the least 20 years. Still working on that one. Mark in a latter reply you mention micro-sd memory chips. The cameras to have 32 gb micro-sd chips in them. I'm not in a hurry for I have many irons in the fire and at this point the camera issues is not top priority. i'll continue working on it and watching the forum for other tips and comments as they come. 
Thanks KenH75

Most IP cameras are ONVIF compatible.
You should start there.
ONVIF PTZ Service Specification:


--- Quote from: KenH75 on April 12, 2023, 05:36:56 am ---MarkMLI, You are probably right about the PTZ meaning the camera to be a Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera.

--- End quote ---

In that case please edit your original subject line, to make sure that people who might be able to help understand what you're asking.

Apart from that I don't think I can usefully add anything, other than the fact that the manufacturer has probably tried to lock it to his own servers but isn't likely to have been very good at it.



--- Quote from: dogriz on April 12, 2023, 07:51:19 am ---Most IP cameras are ONVIF compatible.

--- End quote ---

It would be great if they were. However in the current case I'd say that's pretty unlikely to be used by something low-end, particularly since its initial intention for direct access to cameras rather than operating via a server.

Obligatory xkcd


Most of those cameras are just Busybox Linux servers with a read-only filesystem. If you want to change their operation, the best option is to log in through a terminal and change it on the device itself. But that tends to require a root password, although the security varies wildly.


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