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TV Plaint Error Create Table Resources


TvPlaint Mysql Error create resource table
LogMessage = $0000000005FC8828^: 'CREATE TABLE Resources ( ResourceID INTEGER NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT, Description VARCHAR(255), Notes VARCHAR(1024), ImageIndex INTEGER, ResourceActive BOOL, UserField0 VARCHAR(100), UserField1 VARCHAR(100), UserField2 VARCHAR(100), UserField3 VARCHAR(100), UserField4 VARCHAR(100), UserField5 VARCHAR(100), UserField6 VARCHAR(100), UserField7 VARCHAR(100), UserField8 VARCHAR(100), UserField9 VARCHAR(100) )'

What i have to do create a table and don't let auto create tables...

Please check the spelling. I don't know of a TvPlaint. But the error message indicates that you might mean TvPlanIt...

Well, I cannot say much about it. TvPlanIt has not been tested with a MySQL datebase. Which kind of datastore did you use to access the DB? MySQL probably uses a variant of SQL which is incompatible with the code used by your datastore. You should probably use a TVpFlexDatastore in which you can specify the SQL to create the tables in the OnCreateTable event. See the sample project in folder "examples/datastores/flex/access" of your TvPlanIt installation.

Ok Thanks, I created tables manually and only connect...


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