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I"m using a Macbook Air M1 and fpcupdeluxe to install Lazarus, I got able to successfully install it, but in order to get a closer experience to what I use on Windows I would like to install the packages to get docked editor and form editor, actually it does kinda work, it compiles and I get a docked ui on Lazarus, but once I close Lazarus and reopen then the UI is gone, I get a small window with some elements from editor iike menu and few buttons, I think it's either not saving the current windows layout or getting corrupted somehow.

Does anyone has idea on how to fix it? btw I've tried with trunk and stable, trunk is giving me a crash window when I try to access editor config, stable works fine here, but both have same behavior for docked ui.

Dean Qin:
same issue here, waiting for fixes too... :( :( :(

Grahame Grieve:


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