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Minecraft clone using Lazarus


I want to experimentate a little bit on Lazarus, and since lately i'm very drawn into game dev, i decide to practice in my favorite genre that is voxel sandboxes.

But im really clueless about how to get started with this. What libraries are the ideal for this task? Should i target Windows-only for easy start or go straight multiplatform (Windows, Linux, macOS)? How could i do the first step, that is rendering a single cube? Afterwards I want to do most of the formats like block models in plaintext-like formats like JSON. How can i load the vertices and texture names by this?

Thank you in advance! And sorry if my OP is a little garbled, English isnt my first language and atm i'm very sleepy.


You could take a look to Delphi Craft.

Eugene Loza:
Or a more barebones Castle Craft (just basic mechanics: 1 chunk, build, dig)


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