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Sorry for the strange title.
I want to show places on a landmap using coordinates coming from a database.
I wrote a whole package, website with javascript and PHP in which I can show images and if wanted the place where the image was taken using and the needed Javascript-instructions. (
This website is just a window to a photo-managing-system.
Now, I'm rewriting the php, ... into lazaruis so it can be used for local photo-managingapp.  All is converted and is working well, except, I do not see how to use the coordinates I have in a database and showing up a landmap with a marker.  I alrteady tried TMapviewer and this works but to slow.  It can take some minutes when I move the map, ...
So, can someone explain me short how I can conver the idea from PHP-Webbrowser to Lazarus - ? 
Should I use there a webbrowser too ?  If yes, which type ?  I only need to show a map and using javascript.
Any way thanks for reading this question.


--- Quote from: WimVan on March 23, 2023, 08:41:53 am ---I alrteady tried TMapviewer and this works but to slow.  It can take some minutes when I move the map, ...

--- End quote ---
Assuming that you are talking about the LazMapViewer package on OPM? I agree that TMapView is not ultra-fast, but some minutes? - No. You must be doing something wrong. Did you activate multi-threading (MapView.UseThreads := true) and image caching (MapView.CacheOnDisk := true)?

It is very slow.  Especially when I want zooming in, move the map  ....
I'll see to post the source I wrote this evening.
But on the onther hand, If I could reuse the javascripts I made to show tracks, markers ... as I made them for the web, it shoud save me a huge amount of testing and time...

Any way thanks for the tip.

Did you try the fulldemo which comes with the LazMapViewer package? Does is have the same slowness?

I saw that there is a newer version (beta-version ?).  I found the link somewhere on the forum.
Downloaded it, installed it and mapping is now quick.
But, now I have to look how I can project a track ....
How I can set multiple markers with a number in each marker an link it to an image and vice versa


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