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Lazarus 2.2.6 in Linux Mint 21.1


I am using Linux Mint 21.1.
There is only Lazarus 2.2.0 in the repository.
If you install Lazarus 2.2.6 from the deb package, you can still assemble a clean, ordinary IDE. And if you install, for example, the BGRAbitmaps package, it installs without errors, but two errors occur when you try to recompile Lazarus. And in the network package manager, the package is marked as partially installed. If you simply copy Lazarus 2.2.6 from another Linux 20.2 system to the /usr/share/lazarus/2.2.6/ folder on a system with Lazarus 2.2.0 installed, everything works and compiles perfectly. On the Linux Mint 20.2 system, fpc packages are installed that go with this Lazarus. But a clean installation also on Linux Mint 21.1 causes everything described above.

And if you try to install a deb package on this system with Lazarus installed, there are unsolvable dependencies.


I had the same problems with Mint 21 and other problems with NVidia drivers.
So I stay on mint 20.3 Cinnamon.
Lazarus is working fine.


A couple of thoughts -

The 2.2.6 deb you installed is the official Lazarus from SourceForge ?

Did you remove the default 2.2.0 before installing the 2.2.6 ?  The two are not one for one equivalents, Mint takes the Ubuntu packages which are, in turn, taken from Debian. And Debian break Lazarus up into smaller parts with different names so, its possible to have both, or parts of both installed at the same time.

I am unsure what the "network package manager" is, is it the very uninformative Gnome "Software App" or the much more useful Synaptic app ?  Synaptic will list all the installed or available apps and may make it clearer what is, and is not installed.

If you are capable of moving a (root) binary install of Lazarus from one machine to another, its way, way within your capabilities to build Lazarus from source. Maybe consider that approach ?  If you do, make sure you remove all the existing Lazarus first, leave FPC there, it will be fine.



Don't use the Lazarus version on Mint repository, it is not the latest.

Uninstall The old version it  with the "Software manager"

or better

Uninstall it completely with "Synaptic Package Manager"

Search for "fpc", look what is installed (Green square), select  it with Right Click and  "Mark for Removal" then "Apply"
Do the same with "lazarus"

For the installation, I download the 3 packages from here:

I install the 3 packages in order:

1) fpc-laz_3.2.2-210709_amd64.deb
2) fpc-src_3.2.2-210709_amd64.deb
3) lazarus-project_2.2.6-0_amd64.deb

By clicking on the .deb file you run the "Archive Manager" then "Install"

After the first run, I install "anchordockingdsgn" from "Package->Install/Uninstall Packages" to have a pleasant environment.

For Graphic, I use "BGRABitmap" and "BGRAControls" from "Package->Online Package Manager"

Hope that help.



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