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From Linux MX to Windows 10(solved)


trying to port my application designed on Linux MX to Win 10.

So far I needed to install package playwawepackage and it worked, the application compiled OK.

Now, even the sound stuff was installed, no sound whatsoever.

Also strange, the button.color or button.font.color instruction do not work - save with
Edit1 which applies the right color when asked to change. Same instruction do not work for buttons and other controls.

The color settings done previously with the object inspector do work,
but once trying to change them like "Button49.Font.Color := clGreen;" - nothing happens.....

Any ideas?

Thanks as always

oh, forgott to mention: Windows V 2.20 - Linux V 2.0.12[/b]

IIRC Tbutton has some issues with colors. Windows GDI  doesn't allow it for a plain button (use tbitbtn or tspeedbutton)

Well, replacing about 80 Tbuttons to speedbuttons?

How to manage this?

Or, excuse my .... could I create from the Linux MX base an installable application for windows?
Just some hints would do.....



--- Quote from: pentilisea on March 20, 2023, 03:18:19 pm ---Well, replacing about 80 Tbuttons to speedbuttons?

How to manage this?

--- End quote ---

Right click on the button, Change class and choose your new button (e.g. TSpeedButton). 5 minutes work for 80 buttons.

But, test first which button will do what you want. I use TBCButtonFocus from BGRAControls package in Online Package Manager.

Hi Desiligo.

I managed to cross compile my application, so it works on win10 OK.
Just for info this old post helped:

I will try your suggestion, but I'm slow.
However the main intention to have win users run my application is solved - still much work to do and without your help
I'll still be guessing around.


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