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I am asking for help for an open source archiver project


Good day, some days ago I did wrote an easy blowfish example for an User on this forum.

I did upgraded that project and encapsulated it into a class.

My intention was not to create something hot and brandnew, just a small custom archiver.

Class is capable to compress, encrypt, hash and crc.
(prepared for future to be a stand-alone archiver that support filenames)
(right now it is made to be internal but already prepared to load and save complete sessions)

I run into problems that I think are TStream problems but I can not find a proper solution that it works always like it should.

My problem is, when I do activate encryption, internal something got blown up and I am too stupid to find out the "where is my error".

If you having time and interested in that project, please help me to make it always run good  :-[

Current used:
LZMA for compression
BlowFish for encryption
SHA1 for hash
CRC64 for checksum

All is easy replaceable when you follow the way of how I did. (TStream in -> TStream out)

a few days ago I converted your version from "Deutsches Lazarusforum" - I removed external dependencies from the project, including LZMA, and used the following for compression: . I forgot to write back.

Thank you paweld, I will excercise, test and dig into your code, on a quick view I see you use TMemoryStreams.

Still I would like to know why my posted class does not do its job like it should  :-[

I am thinking about to extend my class for several types of compression/encryption, but for that my base class needs to work first correct.
I will this week try to exchange LZMA with GZIP to see if that would "repair" my class or if result be same bad.


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