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I am using Lazarus with the IDE built with QT5. I am using TPageControl. In the IDE i can size the tabs nicely for use on a touch screen but when I run  the app the Tabs revert to default sizes and are too small. Does this mean the QT widged cant be resized? If not that sucks as I have it looking really good in the IDE are there any suggestions if its not do-able? Thanks  :)

Is ide compiled against qt5 also ? I'm not sure that tabs can be freely resized under qt ws. Please attach small example project.

Yes the IDE is complied with QT5.

The default is GTK2 but TPageControl 'TabHeight' and 'TabWidth' cannot be changed from 0 in the IDE  at all. After building the IDE in QT5 and switching the project to using the QT5 widget set I have the project looking great in the IDE. 'TabHeight' and 'TabWidth' worked right up till I run the application then they are once again reset to 0 and I loose the formatting on the screen.

It works perfectly under windows but I really want to complie and use on a linux machine. I shouldnt have to use wine just to be able to get some tabs formatted correctly. If there is a better component to use I will gladly switch.

Now I see, you're right, please open bug report and attach simple example project, I'll fix it next week.

I hope this was the right place


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