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Recompilation of the FPC sources if TARGET<>SOURCE


I am trying to recompile the FPC sources.
When I try to build the to Win32 target using Win32 FPC compiler I have no problem.
But when I try to build the GO32V2 target using Win32 FPC compiler I have a troubles.

I have the source FPC installation at C:\FPC\FPC320
And the sources in C:\FPC\BUILDFPC

In the C:\FPC\BUILDFPC can I write "make distclean all" ...
...and everything works OK

But if you write "make distclean all OS_TARGET=go32v2" ...
it for I while also works OK but then it ends with this error message:

make[4]: Entering directory `C:/FPC/buildfpc/rtl'
make -C go32v2 all
make[5]: Entering directory `C:/FPC/buildfpc/rtl/go32v2'
C:/FPC/FPC320/bin/i386-Win32/gmkdir.exe -p C:/FPC/buildfpc/rtl/units/go32v2
i386-go32v2-as -o C:/FPC/buildfpc/rtl/units/go32v2/prt0.o
process_begin: CreateProcess(NULL, i386-go32v2-as -o C:/FPC/buildfpc/rtl/units/go32v2/prt0.o, ...) failed.
make (e=2): The system cannot find the specified file.

What I shall to do?
BTW: I want to make some own buils of the textmode IDE for Go32V2.

Jonas Maebe:
You will need a cross-assembler from Windows to go32v2. I don't know if we have those available somewhere.

If binutils are needed, they can be found at:


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