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{SOLVED] Replace an image in a TImageList

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--- Quote from: wp on March 10, 2023, 02:08:44 pm ---When your source code contains the word "TImageList", hold down the Ctrl-Key and click on "TImagelist" -- this opens the unit in which TImageList is defined. TImageList has only published properties, therefore repeat the same procedure with the ancestors TDragImageList (in "TImageList = class(TDragImageList)") and TCustomImageList to get to the declaration of TCustomImageList in which all the methods and properties are listed. Scroll down a bit to see them.

Navigating the source code is the ultimate and most up-to-date help tool.

--- End quote ---
Well I'll be damned, every days a learning day  :o I wish I'd known about that a year ago  :D :D Thanks for todays lesson wp  ;D


--- Quote from: petevick on March 09, 2023, 12:41:31 pm ---I have someting in mind I'd like to do that would require me to replace, in a TImageList, an image at a given ImageIndex with another image at runtime. Would this be possible ?? I've searched online and couldn't find anything definitive.

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Since you're on Linux, I am assuming the CHM files are not available.

When you say "online", are you referring to That site hasn't been updated since 2018 (1.8.4?).

Maybe this would be of more helpful (pun intended): These are docs generated against the "trunk" version... but it has to be more useful than the Source Forge site.

And, as @WP suggests, there is always the source...


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