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Bug with jCaptionPanel



I just found a bug with jCaptionPanel
Steps to reproduce:
- create a new GUI application for Android
- drop a jCaptionPanel, it contains automatically a jTextView named "jTextViewCaption"
- rename the jTextview for example "newname"
- save and close project
- reopen there is two jTextView in the CaptionPanel: the one renamed and a new one with the default name "jTextViewCaption"

The bug seems to be related to the IDE because the additional jTextViewCaption is not present int the .lfm file
It's added only at design time, when opening the file

As long as you don't use any over jCaptionPanel in the form , it's not really a problem but as soon as there is a second jCaptionPanel, you cannot open the file because it raises an error "Duplicated component name: jTextViewCaption already exists"


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