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#fpc IRC Channel is doing well.

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 I wish to thank all the people from Forums

Lately some very knowledgeable forum members have joined us in #fpc to help out with the discussion and questions about Lazarus and fpc.
Thank you so much I couldn’t make the channel this good by myself.  :)

People in the channel are getting help with their programming projects and recently we were doing algorithm challenges in pascal  for fun and comparing different solutions.

Lately I have been working on a descendant of tcombobox as well as a helper for Tstrings. Many valuable insights have been provided that I wouldn’t have thought of myself. I will continue to share the code as it progresses.

We welcome more friendly helpful people who enjoy writing programs using fpc {or any pascal family language} to come join us.
If anyone reading this is curious about using irc for first time and needs help getting it set up I’m here to help.  O:-)

Today I joined your IRC, while you was not online, everything was shiny after you joined IRC it just needed 5 minutes and I got banned.
Applause to give new IRC joiners such a great experience.
Image 1: the private "welcoming"
Image 2: inside official channel what you did to me.

I don’t know what you are trying to accomplish by showing up and acting weird when you know that the channel gets attacked frequently by trolls.

It’s very childish and inconsiderate of you. Yes I will ban people who act rude how am I supposed to know who you are using a fake name and acting like a troll?
 You were never serious about participating in channel were you? I’ll unban you now that I know who you are.

I ain't act like a troll, I was not rude and I answered your question and you ban me without any real reason.
Hey, I even had a small conversation before you banned me without any reason.
Anyway, enjoy your IRC  :-*


--- Quote from: Joanna on April 18, 2023, 01:21:34 pm ---... how am I supposed to know.

--- End quote ---
By not acting too aggressively. I already mentioned that earlier.

Up until the ban I don't see any real rudeness (other than the ban itself).

You ask "will it work". Answer "No it will not work".
Otherwise you should have asked "WHY will it not work".
Besides... yes, you do ask a lot of question coming in like that.

You didn't even introduce yourself !!!! (which you do ask from your users)
You could have stated that you are the moderator of the channel and would like to know some things (to rule out bots).

I've said this before... but hey... it's "your" channel.


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