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Debug and Release build modes [SOLVED]

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Hello, for the time being I use the set my build modes by navigating through Project - Project Options - Compiler Options and choose Build and Release modes there. The problem is that I have to do the same steps every time I create a new project. I don't want that, I want my configurations to persist and have my Debug and Release always fixed.
Is there any way to achieve this?

check set compiler options as default in the project options dialog ?

for a location see left bottom (above help button) at picture, see:

I've tried that already but unfortunately it doesn't work.

I just checked with Lazarus 2.2.4 and it seems to work for me. e.g. when i check the option as mentioned, then add build modes , then press the ok button, then Lazarus stores the newly created buiold modes and keeps the settings in a global manner when I open up a new project and select a specific build mode (build mode that I just created). Whether or not I close and start Lazarus again does not seem to matter.

Which version of Lazarus are you using ?

edit: You  can check for yourself by viewing the file named projectoptions.xml in your Lazarus configuration directory, which should contain the new created build modes.

My lazarus ide version is 2.3.0


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