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Install Lazarus raspberry - raspios-bullseye-arm64

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I installed a new 64 bit system.
Can you please help me install the latest lazarus + FPC?

sudo apt-get install fpc - to fpc 3.2.0
sudo apt-get install lazarus  - to lazarus 2.0.10
Not working well.
Cannot install components
Thank you.

I have never seen that error before so I would have no idea how to fix it.

Some advise:
1 Don't try to run Lazarus on a system that is not suppose and/or is capable to run such software.
2 If you must then use 2Gb swap space if your hardware does not have that amount of memory to spare.
3 Do not use the official repositories of your distribution to install Free Pascal/Lazarus (the amount of headaches it raises on the long run simply takes to much time and is not worth it) so please uninstall.
4 Create a standalone compiler from the git source repositories of Free Pascal / Lazarus, or
5 Use FPCDeluxe if you are not able to build Free Pascal / Lazarus from source.

Additional note:consider cross-compiling (although I realize that is more work or perhaps too difficult to setup properly).

What Raspberry Pi are you using?
I have also never encountered it and can give better advice if I know the model. (I have most of them)

Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB
I have a long time and I had installed Raspbian Bullseye 32 bit + Lazarus.

The error seems to originate from InitialSetupProc.pas/CheckLazarusDirectoryQuality()

Do you have multiple installations and/or previously installed (or tried to install) Free Pascal and Lazarus ?

At first glance it seems that Lazarus is checking the directory if it contains files that resembles a valid Lazarus installation and detects that there is/might be something wrong in that directory and warns you about it (so Lazarus might be looking at the wrong directory for required files).


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