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Creating the Android RTL headers fully automated solution is strongly needed


Please, could somebody of us try to develop .exe app which would be able to generate the Android RTL headers?
The wiky article about this process is available here.
Pascal app should automatically make The following algorithm.
You will have to make several manual changes to the result before it compiles though:
there is a circular dependency involving the AVViewGroup.LayoutParams nested class, which results in javapp being unable to order all classes. You will have to manually extract that class and redeclare it as AVViewGroup_LayoutParams = class external 'android.view' name 'ViewGroup$LayoutParams' (JLObject), and then replace all references to the original class to this new class
there is a class with a constant field called CREATE, which results in javapp generating wrong names for its constructors (<init>_). Rename the constant to CREATE_ and the constructors to Create
The declaration for AAActionBar.InnerTab is missing, add it as InnerTab = class abstract external '' name 'Tab' end; inside AAActionBar

I believe, that there are elite developers, who could cooperate together and that fully automated solution will be available.
So no routines based on generating API header files based on The older previously generated ones.
I believe, that there will start intensive developers debate how to achieve this goal. If Pascal compiler internal commands are enough to allow such task and how to achieve this goal.
Without this fully automated and reliable application, PPCJVM for Android will stop to work after several years.
Thank you for some debate.
If such task is impossible for todays programming languages, I will be very glad if I will be able to read The arguments why is it not possible to do such string based intensive and complex tasks.


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