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I Am suggesting this new sub topic. I think, that Pandroid package and Pandroid for Linux are so remarkable development projects that it should have The standalone sub topic.
So I have created this topic for The both Pandroid packages. for Linux and for Windows.
Pandroid for Windows
Pandroid for Linux
I would like to emphasize, that Pandroid for Linux big package contain many useful .inc and .pas units and special .jar file which can be used to generate .inc and .pas Pascal header files for .jar Java libraryes.
Pandroid support even Android newest target. It is only necessary to add The respective .jar file from Android SDK to The right Pandroid extracted folder.
Packages are supported by Lazarus. Windows package is professionally integrated in to lazarus. So compilation work directly from Lazarus. In case of AN source code error, cursor automatically stop at The corresponding line. And you can use Lazarus IDE and its integrated source code editor.

I would like to kindly plea MR Željko Cvijanović  if he could generate Pascal header files .pas and .inc for The newest stable Android target.
I Am aware, that this programmers work is extremely exhaustic, so I Am ready for a longer time delay. But nobody else is very probably capable to generate those Pascal header files than you.
android-33 is very probably The latest stable Android target for now.
Thank you for your complex programmers work.
Without you, new APi calls would not be generated.
I will create new topic in The Android JVM main topic tree, because generating API header files is very important and there is only very limited number of Pascal elite programmers, who are able to do this task.


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