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DataPort send string


Hi first time i try this package i think is great but sorpice to me when send string to serial port return w long string with some simbols, if i send charecter repond great but when send a string  replay this, I know serial return all charecters you send

this the text i send
  Formmain.DataPort.Push(' ;SETTING TO APROCH TO BUTTUM  ' );

and replay all these...
  ; S E T T I N G   T O   A P R O C H   T O   T     A L 1 1 0 0 , A R 6     A L 3 0 0 0 0 , A R   A A C O T   0 A ; V A C O T   5 , ; V E O H   T   

Is possible to send a string or have to implement something to eliminate the symbols...

On DataPortSerial has  a function  sendstring how i can access data  from dataport

 function SendString(const AData: AnsiString): Boolean;

how i can called  Dataport.SendString('MOVE HOME');


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