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what is VCL4J - Free Pascal VCL 4 Java/Android?
It is special package which is capable to create GUi applications by using PPCJVM and Free Pascal language. Applications can be made for Android or Windows by using Java Bite code. The ability of this bundle is unique because included units and PPCJVM support classic Turbo Pascal style of working with files including Blockread, Blockwrite.
var f: File;
and similar approach.
Sure, The developer must specify special path to The Android file location.
May be, that even Readln is supported.
I also like this older PPCJVM bundle, because it display special run-time error message as a nice dialog box. Run-time errors includes errors related to object Pascal commands usage.
Please be aware, that if you will add more than 3 or 4 GUi elements and you will not use their coordinates, app will very probably crash.
I strongly recommend, especially visually impaired user with no sight at all to use Zeljukoc Pandroid bundle, because you can add many GUi elements without specifiing their coordinates. But use Zeljukoc Unit Azcforms for this purpose.
I Am referring about VCL4J - Free Pascal VCL 4 Java/Android bundle because it support procedures to access files like in 80S years or like in Turbo Pascal 7.0 or 6.0.
And I Am also writing about this old bundle as a interesting programmers approach to use Android API functions in pascal. Bundle also allow to write Swing compatible apps for Windows.
But my main motivation is to show its Android development potential.
Sure, project have disadvantage, that build process is not based on Apach Ant or Gradle. As A result, you can not include .so native libraryes or call .Jar files from PpCJVM.
So I recommend to use Pandroid instead.
But VCL4J - Free Pascal VCL 4 Java/Android package should be mentioned, because Lazarus can be used with it and it was a goodly thinked programmers approach to use Pascal and Android. Unfortunately, The developer has stopped to extend The functionality of VCL4J - Free Pascal VCL 4 Java/Android bundle.
You can find more information about this project at The following WEB address.
Please keep in mind, that using The cheetach IDE is not mandatory. You can setup Lazarus to use preinstalled compiler which is The part of this bundle.


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