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Seeking Pascal/Lazarus consultant


I'm a programmer for a small company that has a software product written in Object Pascal that we've released many versions of over the past two decades.

As you can imagine with any codebase that's been in development for so long, there's a lot of technical debt that's accrued.

What I'm looking for is an outside perspective from someone with a lot of Lazarus/Pascal experience.

Specifically, thoughts about the current state of our code, suggestions on best practices, and ideas for what the low-hanging fruit is for the best ways to refactor/simplify our codebase and maybe make it more RAD compatible.  Long term, our goal is to get an android and possibly web version out that uses as much of the same common code as possible, so experience in those areas would be a bonus.

Idea would be that I screenshare for a few hours or maybe give access to our git repo.

It doesn't look like we can send private messages in these forums so if you don't want to post your hourly consulting rates publicly, send me a private message or use the email button below my username.

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Thanks! Sorry I didn't notice this forum sooner.


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