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IDE cannot be recompiled on macOS: duplicate identifier LAZDEBUGGERFP

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The subj error is shown when I rebuild IDE (with 'clean all' before).
IDE opens the file '' where it highlights 2 errors in 2 lines (of about total 8 lines). 2 lines which refer to 'lazdebuggerfp' and 'laz.virtualtreeview' (I write it by memory).

macOS El Capitan x64. Lazarus 'latest' from git. FPC 3.2 'fixes'.

I think I got a similar problem recently. Went back to make clean all from console.,then managed to get IDE to rebuild itself with packages.

Ok, how can I call 'clean all' from terminal?
Is it 'make clean all' from lazarus dir?

Yes, call make from the base Lazarus folder. There should be a file called Makefile which will tell make how to build Lazarus. Then execute make clean all from a terminal. Assuming FPC is in the path. If not, add the path to FPC as parameter:  make clean all FPC=path/to/fpc

This happens once in a blue moon, that an older IDE (older by one single commit) can not compile a newer IDE.

In this case you can build from the IDE as follows (from memory):

- Add the package IdeDebugger
- open file Lazarus.pp, and from the uses comment out:
  // LazDebuggerFpLldb, LazDebuggerFp, laz.virtualtreeview_package,
  IIRC it is all three of them, but you need to check which ones to comment out
- before building, check "clean all"

Might be easier to build with the makefile.


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