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Capabilities missing from RichMemo???


I'm trying to load a document into RichMemo.  The document was developed as a Libre Office Text Document and then saved as an RTF document.  TextEdit.LoadRichText(fs) did a pretty good job of loading it into RichEdit but there seems to be some aspects of the RTF file that can't be displayed.  The original (and the RTF when opened in Libre) has page breaks, a section where the text is in two columns and borders round a group of paragraphs.  These do not appear in the RichEdit box.
I assume the developer of Rich Edit has not included these capabilities.  I'm not surprised - it would be quite a task to replicate a full RTF capability.  However,  just in case I'm missing something, is it actually possible to display these attributes?

Curt Carpenter:
I don't know the answer, not having used most of the Lazarus RichMemo features.  But you might try loading "Kcontrols" using the Online Package Manager and see if the TKMemo component in that package does what you need.  I believe it handles a more complete subset of the RTF standard features (although I haven't tried it myself yet).


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