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VirtualTreeView V5 can not be installed with QT5 widgets, but works with GTK2



I'm working on a multi platform app that built around the popular VirtualTree. I was able to download and install VirtualTree with OPM on Linux (with Lazarus using GTK2 widgets) and on Windows too, but not on Linux with Lazarurs using QT5 widgets.
My ultimate target for the app will be the Raspberry PI, so QT5 is a must for me.

The problem is, VirtualTreeView does not able to find the "FakeActiveX". But I see no obvious problems in the files. With both GTK2 and QT5 widgets, the same dummy file should be loaded for activex, and that file is there.

So far I was able to confirm this situation on these systems:
(libqt5pas1 and libqtpas-dev packages was installed)
-Lubuntu 22.04 LTS
-Lubuntu 22.10
-Raspberry PI os (with older Lazarus 2.0.something)
-EndeavourOS KDE

El Salvador:
In the opm version, it seems that files for widgetset GTK3, QT5 and QT6 are missing. I advise you to use

I updated VTV5 in OPM, now is the same as


--- Quote from: GetMem on February 27, 2023, 06:44:48 pm ---I updated VTV5 in OPM, now is the same as

--- End quote ---

And it is working now! Thank you guys, you are awesome!


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