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CodeTyphon and Windows 7 Beta


Sternas Stefanos:
CodeTyphon successfully build freepascal and lazarus on Windows 7 Beta.
Yes we disable User Account Control (UAC).
Lazarus IDE working OK so far...


CodeTyphon Project is a Distribution of Lazarus IDE and FreePascal compiler.

Vincent Snijders:
Why did you disable User Account Control?

Sternas Stefanos:
Because give errors to ginstall.exe
Every time the FPC Compiler use ginstall.exe to change directories permissions etc...
UAC ask for execution (about 200 time).
We use SVN Freepascal and SVN Lazarus versions.

Vincent Snijders:
I thought that there were workarounds for that. But fortunately, I don't have such issues, until I start creating svn enabled installers. But by that time we can use fpmake...


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