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IDE - compile newly - option clean all


My idea would be, that the above option shall delete the directory
...\ lib \ x86_64-win64
at least of the loaded project.

I suspect, that a *.pp-file (or others) there interacts with a component-file, which I wanted to update.

The mess took months before I found the reason.

Details here:,62360.msg471974.html#msg471974

"Mess" means.
- about 30 error-messages to click away after I started or closed Lazarus, which persist and only a restart of the operating system helped
- not integrating into the IDE of the component
- misleading and false error-messages
- not working elements of the component and strange behavior of its children at runtime of a project
- component was a mix of updated version and the version before, -  even after having deleted all of the old files and recompilation with "clean all". I could see this, because some features or the "new" version did not work

Do you want to say that the option "Clean all" in "Tools" > "Configure Build Lazarus" should also "clean" the compiled units of the current project? I think this would be very confusing. For cleaning your project, there is "Run" > "Clean-up and build".

Yes, definitely. I want to say this.

The unwanted interaction of compiled units and "clean-up and build" kept me busy for days.
In my case these compiled units disturbed the clean-up process.
If I delete them by hand nothing will happen, they have to be rebuilt and this is what we want, if we ask for a clean up.


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