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FPC IDE shows ????? , Japanese windows 10


Just got myself little laptop (GPD pocket 2) with Japanese Windows 10. I changed windows display language to English, but sometime hieroglyphs displayed here and there.   
I could live with that, but Free Pascal IDE shows ???? on start up screen. Only on start up screen. IDE works fine. Except, beginning of each line starts with [] . Was those supposed to be line numbers?

I know this is not related to IDE, but question about Windows 10. I thought to ask here anyway. I figure I need to change characters somewhere in Windows. If someone gave me a quick pointer to where to look, that would be highly appreciated.

Not sure if it is solution, but go to Control Panel, Clock and Region then Region, Administrative.
There is setting for non-Unicode programs, you could check that if it is left to Japanese.

In attachment is screenshot of that window (from Windows 11, but I think it looks the same).

thank you dseligo, this helped quite a bit.

Still not all English, but a lot less hierogliphs, more like "???" and other special characters in FP IDE. Manageable. Text is displayed ok, I can enter code at least.


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