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which version for Lazarus 2.0.10


Which version of FPSpreadSheet is compatible with Lazarus 2.0.10?

I don't have a matrix listing the requirements of each fpspreadsheet version.

Just tested the current development version of all fpspreadsheet packages with the Laz/fpc versions on my disk (oldest: Laz 1.4.4/FPC 2.6.4) and found that the library works with all of them (except for fpspreadsheet_dataset.lpk and fpspreadsheet_crypto.lpk which require at least fpc 3.0); you may have to adjust conditional definies in, though, in order to provide some functions which are only available in newer Laz/fpc versions (

Laz 2.0.10, in particular, is able to compile the current fpspreadsheet development version (svn on ccr) and release version (in OPM) without any changes.


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