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32 bit and 64 bit applications in a 64 bit installation


Dear All

I installed Kubuntu 20.04.2 LTS-64.  Then Virtualbox 64 (VB64) bit from within Discover.  Next I installed Lazarus (lazarus-project_2.2.4-0_i386.deb), but the 32 bit version. (with help from this forum)

Virtuabox was uninstalled as part of the Lazarus’ installation.  I did not notice.  I have Virtualbox no more.  When I try to reinstall VB64 from Discover I get this message.
This action will also remove the following packages:

Well now could this be caused by the fact that I installed a 32 bit application?
I chose 32 bit Lazarus as I want to use a Bass audio plugin which does not work in 64 bit Lazarus and does not have a 64 bit verssion.
Anyone know why these cannot live together?

Any help appreciated

That is weird.



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