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SEARCHED: Raspberry PICO FPC code for PWM, IRCapture and HD 44780


Multiple projects going on.

For my new pre-amp i am searching for freepascal code for my Raspberry PICO

Does anybody know a library URL or code underhand to display the HD44780 display, use 3 PWM channels and IRCapture?
This time from PICO instead of AVR.

Greets, Wouter van Wegen

For the PICO reading this wiki article is probably a good start.  Michael Ring also posted a collection of FPC examples for the PICO.  I don't see an HD44780 display driver there, but it does cover low level GPIO access.

Here's a pretty highlevel implementation of a driver for a 4-bit text display. The most missing context is that TTimer.Delay is in microseconds. And any eventual R/~W pins should be set low since this driver doesn't read from the display

Here's an implementation for HD 44780:

not for the pico but should be straightforward to convert...



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