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How do I reopen a form that I closed?

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I'm just trying to get familiar with the IDE in Win10.  I have it setup as a docked view using the package that set that up.   I open a new application project.   The form is free floating and all other items in the main window.  I move the form around, then click the X to close it and it asks if I want to save changes to the unit1.pas, I say no (I'm just messing with the ide).   The problem is I can't figure out how to get the form open again  :-[, the toggle form/unit view doesn't do anything and I don't se any other options to open it?


When project was saved, use what I show on image.

I tried that, it shows, if I double click it, the dialog goes away but no form shows?

You might show with Snapshots what is going on at your side, atm it makes not that much sense.

Fresh first time install of Lazarus using latest download binary package for Windows.  Installed to Win10 x64 Pro.

1 - Not sure if it matters but converted to docked version using Anchor DockingDsgn 1.0

2 - Project / New Project / Application.

3 - Move TForm1  - Click X to close it - say No to save changes.

4 - Can't figure out how to open the form again.  Unit1 tab exists with source with a "*" because modified state. 



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