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Error: Project raised exception class 'External:SIGSEGV'.

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Lazarus uses GDB (from mingw) as debugger.

Unfortunately several (if not most/all) versions of gdb for windows have (afaik/imho) one or another flaw.

The most common case seems to be related to some leak in GDB. This will be experienced as the very first time you run/debug your application (via F9 or menu) it will work, but after that you get all sort of errors.
In this case use "reset debugger" from the "run" menu.

I do not have a list which version of GDB works better or worse or how it depends on your environment. You can always try to download another version from mingw, and see if it does the trick for you.

Good luck

It seems to be related to Comodo Firewall and would be interesting if anyone experiencing this problem and seeing this could confirm if they have this firewall program installed.

This is what is reported when I try to debug an fpc app from the command line:

--- Quote ---Starting program: C:\Projects\laz/project1.exe                                                                                                       
[New thread 3040.0xbe8]                                                                                                                               

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.                                                                                                 
0x10009631 in ?? () from C:\WINDOWS\system32\guard32.dll
--- End quote ---

And here's what I did to solve the problem.

guard32.dll seems to be used by Commodo Personal Firewall mostly by it's Defense+ component. Something I don't use personally, is disabled, but still attached the dll to all running executables. The answer is in fact a few other firewall features do use this dll. Namely, it seems, the ability Commodo has of protecting against certain malware firewall-circumvent stratagems. Again, something I don't really need since I do have an anti-virus. Fortunately, this can be undone. Probably looking in Commodo configuration. But I didn't have the patience, so:

1. I fully uninstalled Commodo
2. Reboot
3. Install Commodo back again
3.1. Do not install the anti-virus component
3.2 Do no install any firewall features (i.e. choose simple enterprise-strength firewall option when asked)

Hope this helps.
Lazarus is now running as it should.

Thanks the help!

I really used Comodo Firewall, and this conflict with Lazarus (gdb).
I changed Comodo Firewall to PCTools Firewall, and now running perfectly the Lazarus!


Too I use comodo firewall. I have added lazarus.exe and gdb.exe into My Own Safe Files list, have rebooted also all have earned. (comodo ver 3.9)

Sorry, for my English...


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