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Error: Project raised exception class 'External:SIGSEGV'.

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Thank you all, I'll try to disable debugger. However it is very sad to program without debugger.

--- Quote from: EMTR on November 06, 2009, 01:51:28 pm ---I have full administrative rights. Teach your students either .net or java.

The error I had was purely the debugger. Run without debug and it works perfectly... Then again how am I supposed to debug my code without a debugged?? Delphi 2009...

--- End quote ---

If I could choose, I would teach them Python. I do not like Java and .NET much more. But my own preferencies are not gotton into a mind. I have students, those already know Pascal and nothing else. And I have teaching plan, where Object Pascal is mentioned. So I am to use lazarus or Delphi.

@Picstart - The debugger is the problem I think. If I compile my dll outside lazarus - ie from the command line using FPC and then try to run it from my application then it all works - I debugged it the slow way by outputting a stringlist of all the events to a file then trawling back through the file... Interestingly all the data debugged just fine - exactly as expected - I had only made minor changes. When used with the application it was made for it works like a charm. But load up the debugger and back comes the sigsegv. It debugs fine until it exits the external call, ie, until it trys to return to the calling application.

Hope that helps.

what is the problem with the debugger ? it's not clear from your message. In what case you get an error ?
It should work on XP SP3 too.

I meet this problem also today.
I remember that it worked well yesterday.
But today, I just created a new project and run, it raised this exception.
It has no problem while compile, it raised when it runs.
So I uninstalled and reinstalled it.
But it is useless.
windows xp

OOOOK - I've just been dragged back into this project at the office.


I have a Delphi 2009 Exe.

I have a Lazarus DLL compiled with FPC.

I need to compile the dll using fpc. Its basically some rules that a customer provides and then the exe compiles its own dll and loads it. Its more complex than that but thats the essence of it. If I build everything in Delphi (DLL and EXE) then it all works :) Hurray! If I build everything in Lazarus (DLL and test harness exe) it all works :) Hurray!

If I go back to building my EXE in Delphi 2009 and the DLL in Lazarus I get 'External Sigsegv'... I think its doing the equivalent of an Access Violation somewhere but I can't see it... I'm currently working on solving the problem on the assumption that its some problem with Unicode / AnsiString / String and PChar. I can't debug it - Lazarus refuses to step into the dll when I specify the application as the host otherwise I might actually get somewhere... Not sure if this snippet of info will help or not...?


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