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Error: Project raised exception class 'External:SIGSEGV'.

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I have the same error:

--- Quote ---Project raised exception class: 'External: SIGSEGV'
--- End quote ---
But it appears after my program is started. Program works perfectly until it comes to command:

--- Quote ---Image1.Picture.Graphic.Width:=Image1.Width;
--- End quote ---
THEN program shows this error. Can somebody help?

I have the same problem but when using a Delphi app as the host and debugging a dll which appears to complete execution correctly...

Is there another debugger to use in place of this one?!

I teach students to work in Lazarus, because our university doesn't provide us a license for Delphi. In the classroom they generated the same bug on their machines (win XP 32 bits SP3) for 3 different progs. We used Lazarus However for older version there was no such a bug (but were others, so we migrated).

But at other computers all works perfectly. I suspect this bug to be in some sense due to limited user right (in other places, where bug doesn't reveal itself, all people work under administrative rights), but this is only my imho.

This bug appears in the same line allways -- never mind what is there written.

We have Kaspersky antivirus active / no firewall.

I have full administrative rights. Teach your students either .net or java.

The error I had was purely the debugger. Run without debug and it works perfectly... Then again how am I supposed to debug my code without a debugged?? Delphi 2009...

Maybe there is an unreliable interplay between lazarus and the debugger. If you are lucky you won't have an issue. If you have issues with the debugger and SIGSEGV it might just be annoying in that it generates an initial error that if dismissed by clicking and closing windows and running again (F9) it will probably work as a debugger. The issue is can you really be sure the debugger is fully functioning after you work around the first SIGSEGV ? Is the next error reported by the debugger real or is it also to be worked around? It is particularly troubling when lazarus runs fine outside the debugger maybe its just luck and failure just hasn't had a chance to find a situation in which to occur . It maybe that this is a fundamental lazarus debugger incompatibility issue that takes some other variable like the system configuration or some other program running to expose it. Now some can write such good code that they are sure if the debugger reports an error that the debugger must be buggy. Others actually need an iron clad bug free debugger to help them.


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