Author Topic: Possibility of smart pointer mechanism in upcoming FPC FCL? (take #2)  (Read 178 times)


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Disclaimer: In no way am I claiming any credit for work on FPC smart pointers.
Also:,46306.0.html (Which the above thread was meant to be a continuation of the discussion).

I have been using what was in 46306. In no way am I claiming any credit for that work. So I don't misrepresent anyone, please see the the above 2 threads.
Based on what I learned 46306, I followed up with,55154.0.html and made
The mechanisms used in fpc-defer is by no means and original ideas by me, and in no way am I claiming that that they are.

That all being said, and because of smart pointer questions being asked in here,62148.0.html, I was wondering if there was any effort to the work done by Thaddy and Aserge (and others, see the 46306 topic/thread) was in any planned to be formalized in an upcoming FPC FCL?

I'm calling this take #2, because what the discussion I started in 62163 was misunderstood and led to some misunderstandings.

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