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SQLite3 Beginner's difficulty

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I have a small SQLite3 database which I can link to from a test program in Lazarus.

It has all the things I think it should have: Connection, Transaction, Query, DataSource, DBGrid.

When I select data through the Query component, I get the right number of rows and columns in the DBGrid, but every cell contains just the item "(MEMO)"

There must be something (very simple) that I'm missing.

Can anyone help?


This is hard to guess.
Help yourself by Showmessage() to grab at which position the values disappear.

You may also want to check, if the "edit" of the query and the "edit" of the DBGrid's rows from the IDE interface show strange things.

A ) Search for sqlite and Memo in the forum search

B ) Look at you question here,61697.msg464896.html#msg464896

Thank you.  It works fine now.

It's amazing how easy it is to forget things at 77.  Have you found that?

I use external storage :-) A forum search, a google search (type lazarus or fpc as first word, in front of your question) and i have a lot of code snippets on my pc

After hanging on a life-support-machine, i know how fast it is to forget things. And this is the reason to work with "external storage" and use the search.


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