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They are indeed; but how can I automatically access them when recreating the executable to be part of its filename?
Regarding the answer of TRon; is there a macro that can retrieve that information.

You could perhaps automate things using something like user Ally's source-code by creating a small tool that retrieves the version/revision information and renames the executable automatically for you.

In the projects options you can add a command that can be executed before/after compile/build/make command from Lazarus. I assume that the name of executable as generated by Lazarus is available as macro to be used in that edit field (I am not sure as I never tried it).

At a guess it could be done in Project-Options in Custom options (or whatever it's called).
There is an example how to influence Unitpath and IncPath.
Wouldn't be surprised if you can influence the output-filename there

thanks a lot; if there is no other obvious solution, build one!

Thanks to all; this was a helpful discussion.

Hello MountainQ,

here is an example how to extend any EXE file with its version number.
This is not exactly what you are looking for, but maybe ee helps a bit.

Greetings Roland


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