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Hi everyone;
I would like to make the version info (major, minor, revision) part of the filename of the executable.
Unfortunately I could not find anything; can anyone point in the right direction.

Hello MountainQ,

here are two examples.
rhsVersionFromFileTest determines the version of any exe file.
rhsVersionNumberTest determines the own version number.

Greetings Roland 

I do believe that MountainQ wants to have those numbers in the executable filename that Lazarus generated.

afaik that is not possible. Last time I checked the version/revision numbers in the project options are not stored in a macro and thus unfortunately cannot be used for generating the name of the executable file.

you're exactly right about my intent. That is a bit surprising; I was already wondering whether it is possible to create such a macro.
Thanks for your quick response.

A start may be looking at the project *.lpi file. Version/Revision numbers are stored there. Bent


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