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Sequencer Gui
« on: February 06, 2023, 10:34:52 am »
Greets Guys

First of all I have 250 x 32bit I/O addressable boards that sit on a kind of custom i2c buss, at the moment I am controlling them with a very simple text list (address and bit states) with a crappy app done in D7 about 100 years ago that simply goes line by line and outputs the data :-) 

What I want to do is put together a multi track sequencer to activate them in a more GUI style and also add WAV sound effects.

I want to have like 12 or more tracks that can hold multiple WAVS and IO Board state actions, all the tracks to have drag drop, move, cut copy paste abilities. And the load save etc..

What I like to ask you guys opinions and any advise doing this in Lazarus, I still use D7 but it is getting harder to use on Win10 upwards

How would you go about it.

I've thrown together an image of how I see this thing.






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Re: Sequencer Gui
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2023, 10:50:34 am »
On Delphi I did realized such pretty simple with the BASS audio library but do not ask me if it is compatible with FPC/Lazarus, I never tried it.
About i2c = there I have no experience, my app was a multi channel tracker with an unlimited number of channels that displayed the audio as a spectral scan and supported not just Wave files.
(My apps usage was to create mixes like Dj can do with turntables)
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Re: Sequencer Gui
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2023, 11:47:55 am »

The BASS audo lib works fine with Lazarus.

There is no automatic installation. For the libraries follow the "Delphi" path.
Take care that you take the right libs (32/64 Bit).

For Windows put the dll in your application directory
For Linux put the lib in one of the dirs of the library path and renew the library cache.

Read the documentation at



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