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Where are the components? [SOLVED]

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I have downloaded fpspreadsheet and added the package to my application via Project Inspector>Add>New Requirement.
However, I just can't find sWorkbookSource or sWorkbookTabControl in the component palette.
Obviously I'm doing somethisg wrong - but what?   

You are required to install the package, see

But it is probably easier to use OPM, see

If I use the Install_Packages method, the Use>Install menu item is not enabled.
If I use the Online Packet Manager I get an error Cannot install package: "laz_fpspreadsheeet.lpk".  Continue with next one.  This is repeated for each file.

hmz, that sounds like either a question for the author of fpspreadsheet and/or OPM manager (or both)

But before doing so: where did you obtain the package from ? (link please)

Downloaded from sourceforge


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