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Support for Git?

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It probably also depends on platform, on Windows tortoisegit makes the IDE not the only GUI option


--- Quote ---Thank you. Another wish: Could you make the combobox items persistent?
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You are welcome.
Package updated in github with the changes.


--- Quote from: JuhaManninen on February 05, 2023, 09:23:13 am ---
--- Quote from: TRon on February 05, 2023, 04:05:00 am ---Most of the (external) tools that are referred to are either overkill, not efficient/logical or not cross-platform.

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"gitk" and "git gui" are cross-platform, come with the Git distribution and have the essential features.
For example gitk shows commits and their diffs better than TortoiseGit does.
The graphically pleasing SmartGit Java app is also cross-platform but I don't personally see any real benefit over "gitk" and "git gui".
Maybe I just got used to them, don't know.

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Thank you JuhaManninen.

I was/am aware of gitk and git gui.

As a matter of fact, if I need a little more functionality then my knowledge about git is able to handle then I usually use one of those.

Smartgit: looks nice but I find the requirements (java) a bit overkill.
Tortoise: I always find such shell integration eerie although it would solve some problem. Though afaik it requires wine to run on mac/linux so again overkill. (please don't ask me to run the IDE in there as well  :P )

As Martin_fr mentioned when you run a docked IDE (such as I do) then everything running outside the IDE is/becomes a distraction. Ofc some (if not most) things should be run outside the IDE but all things related to coding should imho not be.

But, I am realistic as well. Not a soul (well, one or two perhaps) seems to care in all those years so demand/interest for integration seems very low or people simply have more time toying with their standalone git tools  :)

fwiw: there are more than 100 such git tools out there, each with their own quirks, some are platform targeted other just crash (gitk had a version that suffered the same faith) and most are born out of necessity from author that believes there must be a better way to visualize things (which make things inconsistent, over complicated to use or targeted to do one thing especially good). Been there done that, and as user JuhaManninen pointed out in the end something like git gui gitk does the job as well (at least most jobs) so I always seem to fall back to using those.


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